The nostalgia of living far away from our home, from our roots, was the last push to put in place this project called ZerB. Four friends connected not only by our origin but also by our common passion, the beer.

We talked thousand times about it, we wanted to create a beer, a beer from and for everybody. We asked who knows us best, our bartenders. More than 200 of them jumped into the project giving us their input. And following the intrinsical basque passion for travelling we also contacted the Euskal Etxeas all around the world, from Sydney to El Salvador.

Following their guidelines and supported by microbreweries from The Basque Country, Germany and United States, we start developing ZerB. After some time we got the flavour, the colour and the aroma that know defines this master beer. ZerB is the beer of our bartenders, the beer of our country, the secret belongs to the Basques.p>