ZerB is produced in a natural and traditional way, made by people and not by machines. To produce this quality beer we can distinguish 3 phases:


Wort is the liquid derived from the cooking of the malts with water. This is a slow heating process that enables enzymes to convert the starch in the malt into sugars. During this phase the hop is added, what gives the characteristic bitter taste to the beer.



FERMENTATION: The sugars are fermented by the brewing yeast to produce alcohol. In our case this happens at a temperature of 17ºC. We carefully control the mix to ensure the 5,3º of alcohol we are looking for in our ZerB.

MELLOWING: We mellow the beer during 4-5 weeks. During this process the yeast creates the sparkling touch we are looking for. Different to industrial beers, where carbonic is injected artificially in order to speed up the process, ZerB follows the natural rhythm of the traditional method.

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Once ready, we bottle and label it,

without filtering or pasteurizing in order to keep the nutritional properties and its natural and unique taste!